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In March 2016 Mbwa wa Africa got a call from a friend requesting help for a dog in a nearby village. Jens set off immediately and both he and his friend searched for the injured dog.

Sadly 24 hrs passed before he could be located as he had dragged himself into the bush.

This young dog had been viciously attacked by a man with a machete who had chopped the lower half of his back leg off. The attacker continued the abuse and battered him around the face area.

When he was located Jens took him back to Mbwa wa Africa – Dogs of Africa, Animal Rescue to assess the extent of his injuries. The veterinary surgeon confirmed that he would need an amputation.

Gongo was receiving lots of love and care at Mbwa wa Africa but was still traumatised by his ordeal.

As time passed, Sandra who was caring for him at the rescue became concerned about his lack of appetite. She was aware that some of his teeth had been knocked out in the attack and asked the vet to check his mouth. It was decided that there may be a bigger issue with his mouth but sadly the treatment wasn’t available in Tanzania.

Sandra had a discussion with Phyllis Hutchison, Founder of Friends of Mbwa wa Africa about Gongo and it was decided he would be flown to Glasgow, Scotland for the Veterinary surgery he required.

Two surgeries were performed on Gongo’s mouth by Phyllis’s local vet. He had broken teeth, knocked out teeth and cracked teeth, all of which would be causing toothache. He also had a dislocated jaw.

The vet said his surgery was the equivalent of plastic surgery as he had to make a flap to preserve his good looks.

Gongo is now a much loved mascot and team member of Friends of Mbwa wa Africa. This boy is friendly, loving and lots of fun.

We have much to learn from this wonderful street dog from Tanzania.


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