Please call or send an e-mail, though as cell reception here is limited we might not be reachable so send us a sms and we will call you back. We will ask a  few questions about your living circumstances and your dog experience as we want to make sure that our dogs are ending up in a good and loving home.

Our dogs are raised to be part of the family and not to be chained or locked up all day long. A well treated dog will protect you as part of the pack with his life the same way as a friend would. We do not train or encourage dogs for guarding only. It is a common misconception that dogs need to be made aggressive in order to protect you. Would you help protect someone who is mistreating you?? Often these ‘made’ guard dogs end up being put down as no-one, including their owner, can approach or control them anymore.

The adoption fee is TZS 50,000/= and helps us cover the full vaccination but not the other medical treatments,daily food and housing. We are not in the business of “selling” you a dog — we’re in the process of rescuing and rehoming dogs to you and then trying to save the next one, typically without ever having a break . All of our resources come from adoption fees and donations, and all of this money goes toward the dogs, each and every time. It also helps prevent adoption from people who just want a free dog but have no intention of spending to maintain the dog.

Only dogs below the age of 9 months are not getting fixed by us because they are too young for this operation. As we are constantly rescuing abandoned dogs and puppies and for every one we rescue there are 20 more being born. We think responsible owners should help us fighting for this cause.