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Yona when rescued

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In Tanzania, rabies claims the lives
of about 1,500 humans per year

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Save a life

And make your life better.

Safari 3 month later


By adopting one of our shelter dogs or cats you save a homeless animal and help us in our goal of giving these beautiful creatures a good and happy life.


Sponsoring a dog give you the chance to provide the necessary funding to shelter and rehabilitate for a dog of your choice.

As we rely 100% on donations, your support is needed to keep our spay / neuter and vaccination campaigns running. Without your help we can’t help.


Are you interested in “hands on” help or trying to gain work experience abroad? Please contact us for details on how you can be part of this program.

Recent News

Do you remember the dog who was found roughly a month ago and we tried to find his owner?

Sadly the owner never showed up, but his rescuer Zabeel nursed him back to health and found him a new home!

Just wanted to share this good news with you all and thank you Zabeel, it is great to know that there are compassionate and hands-on people like you in our beautiful town πŸ™‚
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Please everybody: meet Belle! <3

We've met probably thousands of puppies, but Belle must be one of the sweetest little dogs that ever crossed our way - and I'm not exaggerating here, not in the numbers and definitely not with the temper of this pure soul!

Belle is always loving, always over the moon to see us, even if we have been just a minute away. She is heartbreaking trusting and a master in putting a smile on our faces - in short: she is the perfect pup!

And THIS is an astounding thing if you know about her past...

At the tender age of 8 weeks she somehow tried to survive on a garbage dump. She had lost her family, or someone had dumped her there, the resident street dog pack didn't care about her - she was all alone in this world....

Until our friend Claire - the one who gave old, battered street dog Marco a wonderful home - noticed Belle.

Claire is looking after the homeless dogs in her area, but this little puppy needed more than just food and she asked us for help.
Of course we agreed, but two weeks of worries followed, because terrified of the hostile world around her Belle was hiding in he scrubs and Claire couldn't find her back.

When she finally did it was almost too late. Belle was too weak to walk, dehydrated and had a badly wounded, infected paw. But already she was the sweetest, most grateful doggy you can imagine!

Now, two weeks later, she made an amazing and full recovery! She has puppy friends to play with, as much food as she can wish for and we will make sure that she is forever safe.

What is still missing is HER family, a HOME where she belongs to for the rest of her life - would you know such a place for a little dog πŸ˜‰
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Little Uhura could return home!

She recovered really well, got strong and healthy πŸ™‚
Since she is living close by, we can visit and check on her and make sure that she will stay like that. At our last visit she already acted like a real watch dog πŸ˜‰
Also her dog mama and her young owners were very happy to have her back, as you can see.
All the best little sweetie-pie!
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We have wonderful news to share and actually more than one! πŸ™‚

First: the same day we posted about our highly pregnant Emmy she really found a foster home - just in time!

Emma Slater and Leon Delafonte, who already adopted one of our puppies last year, went out of there way to help! They came with their dog Juno to meet Emmy - now called Thandi (love in Zulu <3) - , took her home and created a warm and cosy 'den' for the mother to be πŸ™‚
Well, it seems that Thandi approved the move. She could relax and under Emmas and Leons watch gave birth yesterday to seven beautiful and healthy puppies!

Look at proud and gorgeous Thandi! <3
And I guess Emma and Leon are equally proud πŸ˜‰

We are so grateful for these amazing couple! Especially at the moment we have too many animals who need special attention in our care and to know that Thandis little family gets all (and probably more!) love they need from them means the world to us! <3
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