Animal Rescue & Veterinary Training Center

In 2013 we started Mbwa Wa Africa as small dog rescue. By advertising rescued dogs for re-homing in the local Arusha Mailing list, via the website and our Facebook page more awareness of the shelter facility was created. We received more and and more calls about dogs in urgent need for rescued. Reaching the peak in 2020 when 47 dogs including puppies got accommodated in 7 kennels and only with the help of foster homes we could prevent puppies from their certain death.

This overwhelming response is unfortunately also leading to a new situation as we had to turn down guest dogs which have been the major financial support of the shelter.

The workload for Sandra and Jens also got grew to the limit, despite employing three full time helper, a part time cleaner, a night guard, weekend helpers and allocating one of our gardeners part time to the project to help with the dog walks.

Caused by the above mentioned awareness of the shelter we reached our limit in respect of all resources and space both human and financially, but not our will to help.

We therefore want to build the first Animal Rescue and Veterinary Training Center in the Arusha Region.

A permanent Spay / Neuter Clinic will have a long lasting impact on the dog population, local vets and vet technician will be trained on the latest best practice method for surgeries and we can offer training courses on animal handling.

Additional Kennels can accommodate boarding dogs again and add income to the dearly needed funding and we could also provide dog training facilities.Animal Rescue & Veterinary Training Center

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