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In Tanzania, rabies claims the lives
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Save a life

And make your life better.

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By adopting one of our shelter dogs or cats you save a homeless animal and help us in our goal of giving these beautiful creatures a good and happy life.


Sponsoring a dog give you the chance to provide the necessary funding to shelter and rehabilitate for a dog of your choice.


As we rely 100% on donations, your support is needed to keep our spay / neuter and vaccination campaigns running. Without your help we can’t help.


Are you interested in “hands on” help or trying to gain work experience abroad? Please contact us for details on how you can be part of this program.

Recent News

After so much sadness, let's focus on the happy and successful stories, because we shouldn't forget that these are happening as well!

After 4 weeks at MWA our little friend Juri was finally well enough to go home again and his owner was very happy to do so ๐Ÿ™‚
Both front legs of his pup had been broken when a motorbike drove over them and Juri needed to wear splints followed by rehab. But he visited Juri every weekend in this past weeks!

Juri is a real fun dog - he got used to sit upright like a meerkat while having the splints and he kept this habit ๐Ÿ˜‰ - and we are all missing him very much.
Especially Fidhuli, who was accepting him as a sleepover buddy and later shared her compound with him so he could exercise his legs without being bothered by dozens of other dogs.

All the best Juri, we'll see you again!
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We just lost the life of little Ndoto....

Maybe Ndoto (dream) was once a happy puppy, we don't know. However she had owners who kicked her out when she developed mange. A nice woman continued to feed her, but her condition got worse and worse.
Due to the miserable state she was in it was impossible to say how old she was. But at least 7 month, probably older.
When we rescued her she didn't had the strength to run away anymore and honestly it was very hard to bear seeing the little girl with open, badly infected wounds all over her body....
We are not certain that they all came from the mange though. Skin and flesh were gone on her face and it is possible that it had been inflicted by boiling water or oil, but that is speculation.

We carefully washed her, treated her wounds and put her on antibiotics and pain medication. Since she didn't liked our dog food she got chicken and meat. She was a friendly but very tiered little dog and in the third night she refused to eat and started slipping away...

Somebody who worked a lot with street dogs once told me that it is often the case that sick dogs die after some days of care. As long as they are living on the street they fight and struggle to get going. But when they feel save they finally have the peace to let go......

We hope you have peace now sweet Ndoto <3
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Guess who is our acting foster-mum again ๐Ÿ˜‰

Yes, Birgit's dog Fidhuli is happily helping to raise two very lively kittens again!

The sisters (I think.....) Suri and Sele have been found without a mother last week. They are going strong, already drinking by themselves and will soon be ready to get adopted into a loving home!

And hey, they will be doing just great around dogs thanks to Fidi - perfect little kitties! ๐Ÿ™‚
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May I introduce Gordon and Fudge! <3

These two are big buddies and would love to find a loving home together!

They are both young and very playful ๐Ÿ™‚
Of course you know Gordon, the one year old Spitz, who problems with his hint legs. After he was run over by a motorbike his owner left him out on the street to die.. Well, he didnโ€™t and he isnโ€™t even completely paralyzed! He is happily scooting around, loves attention and wrestling with his pal Fudge. And soon he will have his own wheelchair too!

Fudge is 9 month old now and weights 4 kg . We found him in a very poorly condition half a year ago, but he is a little fighter and pulled through. Gordon always had a soft spot for him and he was the first โ€“ and is still the only โ€“ dog Fudge would play with! Fudge is very attached to people, listens well and behaves just perfect on walks.
They are very friendly and cuddly with people and will be awesome pets!

It would be just wonderful if they could spent the rest of their lives together, but they could be separated as well.

If you want to make them part of your family, please contact us!
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