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In Tanzania, rabies claims the lives
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Save a life

And make your life better.

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By adopting one of our shelter dogs or cats you save a homeless animal and help us in our goal of giving these beautiful creatures a good and happy life.


Sponsoring a dog give you the chance to provide the necessary funding to shelter and rehabilitate for a dog of your choice.

As we rely 100% on donations, your support is needed to keep our spay / neuter and vaccination campaigns running. Without your help we can’t help.


Are you interested in “hands on” help or trying to gain work experience abroad? Please contact us for details on how you can be part of this program.

Recent News

Kirie's tale

The volunteers from STEP Africa spotted Kirie on the road to their hostel 3 weeks ago. The young dog appeared to be paralyzed and the alerted us. She was scared and not easy to get hold on, but in a combined effort we managed to bring her to the Merlino vet. Surprisingly - and luckily - the x-ray showed no injury to the spine, only a tiny swelling at the root of her tail. Most likely she had been beaten with a heavy stick, or was hit by a motorbike. However, she wasn't using her hind legs and had already wounds from dragging her limbs.
We took her home to the shelter (actually into our office - still due to lack of space) and gave her pain medication and time to recover.
She slowly got to trust us and we could start some careful physio with her legs, but it's only recently that we can see a little progress. She can sit properly and is bending her legs rather than stretching them out behind her. She won't put any weight on them though and it's hard to tell, if she ever will - let's hope!

She is our eighth handicapped dog now at Mbwa Wa Africa and if you would like to contribute to help us caring for them, we are grateful for any donation!

You can use the pay pal button on this site or
please have a look at this link:
Locally it would be the easiest do donate via
M-Pesa: 0752 496 589
Airtel Money: 0784 696 907

We would also like to thank the 3 girls for STEP Africa who covered Kirie's first vet bill! Danke schoen 🙂 !
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Sometimes bad things turn out to be happening for the best, so here is an update of our sweet pup Nilay….

We’ve rescued Nilay and her brother Amal mid May. They were – and still are- two very friendly and happy little guys and we were glad for her when Nilay got adopted by a family already 3 weeks later.
We got pictures and videos and everything seemed to work out fine until Nilay’s hind leg was badly fractured in a motor bike accident.
She was brought to Merlino vet clinic and got a pin placed inside her broken bone. But the family decided to not take her back! It wasn’t really about the costs, because they paid the bill, but Nilay was ‘too much work’. We ‘crazy dog lovers’ obviously can’t relate to that, but we won’t judge, since we probably don’t know the full story and their reasons. We were just happy that this sweetheart had found her way back to us and we could take care of her when she was in need.

And then – and I said it before, right?! - we got proof again that miracles happen, or at least the most wonderful things in the world of animal rescue!
A girl from Germany called Linda visited us with her friend Susi, who had been volunteering at MWA last year (and took dog Vienna home :-)) Linda, had already fallen in love with Nilay as a puppy when she saw pictures of her at FB. And now by a twist of faith, Nilay returned to us. It was a matter of hours and Nilay had a new home – this time forever! This little, lucky dog will be ready to move to Germany in 2 month and Linda will come back to bring her home safely in person!
We can’t wait to share the pictures with you! 😉
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Aaaaand - rataplan!: Albi found a place to call home as well!

When Cathrine Grande Mboje came to visit the shelter she couldn't help but fall in love with Albi <3
That made us especially happy, because for Albi, always shy with people he didn't know, we weren't expecting such an easy and perfect adoption that soon!

Thank you so much and thanks for the cute 'I am home' pictures! And of course for #adoptdontshop!
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A lucky girl!

Well, she wasn't always lucky to start with. Female puppies are mostly even less - what means not at all - wanted than their brothers and also this little cutie was just kicked out of the gate at the tender age of 6 weeks.
But then her luck started to shine on her!

Our friend Carissa walked down this road by chance and spotted the tiny doggy, shivering from fear and cold. She knocked on the gate, but nobody claimed the puppy, or wanted her, so we took her in.
And what was Carissa's suggestion for a name? Lucky of course! 🙂

Lucky was very tiered and hungry. And her swollen belly full of spule worms.
She needed some days of rest, good food and treatment, but since she is about the age of Sabakas puppies, we decided to give it a try and introduce her to them. That was the easiest socialization we ever had, everybody was beyond happy! (see pictures!)

And our mother dog Sabaka is truly one of the sweetest souls we ever met! How many dogs, or other beings do you know, who would warmly welcome a twelfths naughty, demanding, noisy little one who will need your care and love!?

So Lucky got a big family now, a loving stepmother, humans who adore her and hopefully a bright future ahead!

Would you like to come and meet her?
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