Save a life

And make your life better.

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friend from us.

Yona when rescued

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Yona, 9 month later - Home!


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In Tanzania, rabies claims the lives
of about 1,500 humans per year

We are going to change this

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Safari when rescued

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Save a life

And make your life better.

Safari 3 month later


By adopting one of our shelter dogs or cats you save a homeless animal and help us in our goal of giving these beautiful creatures a good and happy life.


Sponsoring a dog give you the chance to provide the necessary funding to shelter and rehabilitate for a dog of your choice.

As we rely 100% on donations, your support is needed to keep our spay / neuter and vaccination campaigns running. Without your help we can’t help.


Are you interested in “hands on” help or trying to gain work experience abroad? Please contact us for details on how you can be part of this program.

Recent News

You will always see happy faces if there is a kitten! 🙂

Five (not all in the picture) of our little fur balls already found loving homes!
Thank you Rachelle and Jeremiah, we wish you many special and wonderful moments with your new friends!
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Meet two of our recent outpatients, who needed a bit more than just treatment...

Carlos (a female) was living not too far from us. Despite our efforts to convince him, her owner didn't want her to get spayed. So she had puppies again - and only one of her little ones survived.
Also for Carlos old and haggard body it was too much and due to the lack of protein in her nutrition she developed a severe ascites (water in her belly).
We got her checked at Merlino and visit to feed her and her little one and give her supplements every day. She was improving slowly, but she was improving and the owner agreed to get her finally spayed ones she would be strong enough.
Sadly after 10 days she passed away regardless....
Rest in peace sweet soul! <3

Neusi is also a dog from the neighborhood. her caring owner brought her when she came home on morning with a blood ear. This is caused by a blow or and injury on the ear and as a result the floppy part will fill up with blood. This condition isn't life threatening, but extremely painful and if the blood isn't released it will finally cause the ear to shrink and shrivel. Luckily Philippo, a Tanzanian Vet was on side and cold do the needed operation!

Mbwa Wa Africa is more than just a shelter. We always try to help all the animals in the community and we can't do it all without your support!

If you consider supporting us in our efforts
please have a look at this link:
Locally it would be the easiest do donate via
M-Pesa: 0752 496 589
Airtel Money: 0784 696 907

If you happen to be in Germany or Europe in general:
Sparkasse Lemgo
Tierhilfe Tansania e.V.
IBAN DE67482501100007179682

Thank you from all the animals we will and could help!
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The seven Dwarfs

...and aren't they beautiful!?

These puppies are heartbreaking friendly and considering what they already endured in their 6 weeks of life, that is a miracle!
Born on the streets, they couldn't have made much good experience with people so far - and yet they are happy about every person who is giving them attention!
3 days ago their mother died after a car accident on Esso road. Everybody who is familiar with Arusha knows what a busy area that is, not at all a place for happy puppies to grow up! Luckily two young men wouldn't let them die as well and asked us for help. It gave us some headache, since we had no corner free anymore at the shelter, but turn them away wasn't an option.
Once more our wonderful mother dog Sabaka surprised us and welcomed them to live with her and her puppies!
So that was settled, but the little guys were unbelievable dirty, covered in mud and what appeared to be gum and our volunteers had their hands full trying to clean them up!
Sadly one little girl was already too weak to walk and despite all efforts she passed away yesterday morning...
Her brothers and sisters also will need much more care and pampering until they are ready to move to their forever homes, but then they will be amazing little dogs for sure - wait for it! 🙂

In the small hours of this Sunday morning we lost one of the little brothers...
Fly high little angle, we loved you very much <3
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