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And make your life better.

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friend from us.

Yona when rescued

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Yona, 9 month later - Home!


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In Tanzania, rabies claims the lives
of about 1,500 humans per year

We are going to change this

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Safari when rescued

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Save a life

And make your life better.

Safari 3 month later


By adopting one of our shelter dogs or cats you save a homeless animal and help us in our goal of giving these beautiful creatures a good and happy life.


Sponsoring a dog give you the chance to provide the necessary funding to shelter and rehabilitate for a dog of your choice.

As we rely 100% on donations, your support is needed to keep our spay / neuter and vaccination campaigns running. Without your help we can’t help.


Are you interested in “hands on” help or trying to gain work experience abroad? Please contact us for details on how you can be part of this program.

Recent News

Little Juani - one special outpatient!

This doggy was only 2 month old when her owner brought her to our gate. She couldn't walk anymore, in fact BOTH hind legs were broken!
How that had happened they didn't knew, maybe and accident with a motorbike, or she had been hit, kicked.....

However, she needed care and treatment and she moved into our office/ward.
A surgical nail was implanted into the bone of her left leg to stabilize it, the right one was just supported with a bandage.

Juani was with us for 5 weeks and the son of the owner visited her every weekend to see how she was doing.
She was a sweet as can be, but it was quite a mission to stop a young, energetic pup from playing around too wild!

Her right leg healed well, her badly broken left one however will sadly remain stiff...but her owner didn't care and was just happy to have her back when he came to carry her home.

Good luck sweety, we will check on you <3
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What a happy End!

Our 'clock tower boy's found a beautiful home already!
Mama and Mzee Mambo, who adopted Domino and Deniz from us 3 month ago, where happy to welcome them as well in their family 🙂
First thing they got was avocado and cuddles from Mama 😉
Their new step sisters were a little overwhelmed by these handsome boys at first, but soon started playing and bonding.

We couldn't be happier for them, what a great sight to see them running around in a beautiful garden after having them found chained up next to a road!

Live the live boys! <3
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28 September is World Rabies Day

and once again we aim to make Arusha safer against this most fatal disease know to mankind!
While it doesn't cost as many lives as other diseases in Tanzania it is the most preventable - by vaccinating enough dogs so it can't spread.
We are planning to educate again over 40,000 children in 80 Primary Schools and want to set up a total of 35 vaccination stations over the weekends in September.
We have secured 1/2 of the required funding but need your help to make it happen.
We could downscale - but we don't want to.
If you can help with vehicles for transport, food or beverages for the teams - please let us know
If you want to donate to cover part of cost (we need to print vaccination cards and flyers, need syringes, needles, etc) you can do so via this link to our German Charity.
Every donor will be acknowledge (if wished) and receive the vaccination report…
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These two sweet souls are Kaley and Yora, both were in big trouble last month.....

Kaley couldn't swallow anymore, not even her own saliva...
We couldn't find out what caused the problem and only could put her on a drip to keep her alive, giving some antibiotics and inflammation medication. Luckily after some days she responded, slowly started eating again and could return to her happy owner after a week!

Yora is the dog of our staff member Philbert. She had a fight with baboons one evening and I'm afraid she lost....
For the night we only could clean and bandage her wounds and give her antibiotics and pain relieve. The next day Emily Richardson, the UK vet who was with us for the last neuter campaign and also looked after Kaley, closed her wounds in an operation.
Also Yora is up and running again, thank you Emily! <3
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