Everybody will probably remember Rusha, who recently was so desperately waiting for a loving home…
Well, we have good news: finally she turned out to be one of the luckiest dogs in the world! 🙂

First miracle: she was rescued from the street.
Second; by a very close call she survived distemper! It took her many weeks to get back on her paws, but she did it!
And third – and best of all so far – with the Harbo family, she found amazing forever owners! Every single one of the six loves her to bits, they especially adore all her little quirks and characteristics she still has from fighting distemper and she maybe will never get rid of again – they love her regardless!

I can find words for who happy and grateful we are, that she got the chance for a new life with this special family! And she also got a new name: Bambie!

All the best little Bambie Harbo!