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A very tiny dog – and a HUGE miracle!

That little Fivel is still alive is nothing short of a mystery – in fact, if it wouldn’t sound so creepy I would say she came back from the dead – and this is her story:

She was brought last Friday by somebody, who had found this miserable little girl next to the road. It was an elderly Tanzanian man and I want to stress this point, because I am kind of proud of the fact that obviously more and more of our African neighbors are paying attention to animals in need and try to help 🙂

Fivel couldn’t stand up on her own, couldn’t use her right hint leg and her whole body was shaking. 10-12 weeks old already she barely weighed 1 kg….
She also showed nervous symptoms and her body temperature was down to 36.2 degrees Celsius (instead of 38.5)
We had puppies like this before – not that bad though – and I was pretty sure that she had developed worms in her brain. (little excurse: that can happen, if the unborn puppy gets infected with worms from the mother. These are the usual roundworms and at a certain stage of the pregnancy the worm eggs can enter the pup via the blood and settle in the brain. A couple of weeks after the little dog is born, they develop into worms, increase the pressure in the brain and cause nervous symptoms and finally death. Easily to be prevented with de worming the pregnant mother dog in time!!)

However, Fivel was already very – very! – weak and the required treatment with Ivomectin hold also the danger of poisoning the tiny body. But it was either this or a very certain death… I am an optimist, I have to be doing what I’m doing, so we tried.

In the next 16 hours she was not getting any better, in fact her temperature dropped to 32.3 degrees. 32.3!!!! Normally she must have been dead.

But Fivel proofed to be a fighter. She kept on breathing, she even wanted to eat and slowly she was warming up again between all the hot water bottles and blankets we wrapped her in.

It took only two more days and she was much stronger already! The nervous symptoms disappeared, she started to walk around a bit and passed an unbelievable amount of worms. I saw a lot of that stuff so far, but I think she holds the record!

Our Fivel is still tiny and fragile of course, but she made it! She is sweet and will walk towards us happily waggle her little tail, if she isn’t sleeping 🙂

And at one point in her future life we will find her an amazing, loving home where she can live happy ever after – will we?!

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