In July 2017 we were told about a dog who was locked away in a small, dark house his entire life. The owners were happy when we came to get him. They weren’t bad people, but they didn’t know what to do with this fellow with crippled legs (which is rickets), no fur (due to severe mange) and almost no teeth.

It didn’t occur to them, that it was their fault owing to the lack of food and sunlight.

Gryffi also had a huge hernia and badly needed an operation and treatment.

He recovered slowly and it was soon clear, that he would need special care and will be our resident for the rest of his life.

Gryffi is our grumpy grandpa He doesn’t ask for much, just wants to be left alone, but is accepting of cuddles and attention from certain people and we are lucky enough to be his chosen ones.

He loves to go exploring on short walks, but recently he has had more trouble walking and we carry him partly. Whatever it takes, if he is still enjoying it, we will happily do that for him.