local mix


will be a medium size dog

born: 01.11 2014

with us since 26.01.2015


short description:

Oki is a sweet natured little girl and is friendly with all people and dogs, except for her sister Truffle. with her other sis Toffee she is best friends tough!

She was found with a nasty wound on her right hint paw, which needed daily treatment what she agonized with great patience and cooperation. By now it is totally healed.

She is the sister of Takwa, Pori, Toffee and Truffle.


her story:

We were called to rescue Oki and her sisters, after their whole dog-family was shot one morning. They were friendly dogs, whose only crime was that they lived next to a shopping mall and some people felt disturbed….

Manu went to catch the terrified guys and brought them to Merlino Vet Clinic for a medical check up.
Oki had some deep cuts on her hint legs, which needed to be stitched, for the rest they were in good shape for 3 month old puppies.

Stiff frozen from fear when they arrived here, we could hardly recognize them in the sweet, playful little dogs they turned into the next day! Especially when they found out that here are many more nice dogs besides them, they immediately looked very happy and relieved!

They are social and happy guys, a bit cautions of loud noises, but very trusting and hugging if they know you.

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