We got a call from Ngaire McCubben about a young dog, who was living in the drain next to a busy road in the middle of Arusha. She was there for some month already and judging by the piles of droppings we saw, she never really left her drain…
She was very scared and we nearly lost her in the waste water tunnel system, but with patience Manu finally managed to catch her. Needless to say that as soon as we had her in a secure cage, people approached claiming she would be their dog and they need to be paid if we take her. Of course we just took her home.
She is called Gypsy now! She has a bad hip due probably from being hit by a car or motorbike.
Slowly she started to move around, carefully investigating the garden and our little Kaiya, who – being Kaiya – is eager to be her friend of course. She is a sweet dog, never growls while we carry out all the necessary examinations and treatments and after only a few days she was soon confident enough to run around and play with the others! After a few months with us Ngaire, who had initially called us, decided to adopt her together with Hercule.

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