local mix

will be a medium size dog


born: 10.12.2014

with us since 22.01.2015


short description:

Kovu is a very friendly, very outgoing, very brave and HAPPY little dog! She just loves everybody and all other dogs, especially the big ones!


her story:

The mite Kovu arrived at Mbwa Wa Africa in a quite unusual way – she flew over the wall…..

Somebody throw the little 6 weeks old puppy over the 2m wall behind Amoni, miraculously she wasn’t hurt!
After a good clean up and some food she felt already like one of the pack and being by far the smallest here now, doesn’t stop her to get what she wants
I am proud of our now ‘big’ pups, they are very nice with her, share their food and include her while playing – not that she would give them another choice though…

She has a big scar on her head – hence the name, Kovu = scar -, but that seems to be the only mistreatment she suffered.

She is absolute friendly and not scared of people at all!



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