Savanna was adopted in February 2015 by the Forrest family, who already gave her brother LeRoy a loving home!




her story:

Beginning of last year Manu was called to rescue a litter of 7 puppies. They have been mistreated and were in a very pitiful state, already 2 month old none of them weigh more than 1 kg. Regardless of all efforts in the first 3 weeks after we took them in we lost 4 of them… Savanna was one of the survivors. Naturally she got a lot of love and extra care and grew into a healthy and happy young dog.

After 3 month she got adopted by an American Missionary family as dog for the 3 children and we were very happy for her to have found what we thought was a loving and caring home.

Eight month later, they contacted me to ask if I would know another place for her, because they decided that they need a aggressive watchdog instead and can’t afford her in addition… I was surprised and upset about that development, but didn’t had a solution, having 12 dogs up for adoption myself here at Mbwa Wa Africa at the moment.
Next thing was, that they want to inform me that they are very sorry, but in this case they will put her down !?!?
Honestly, at first I couldn’t believe it, they wanted to kill a 14 month old, healthy, good natured dog, who was the companion of the kids, because she wasn’t needed anymore (if she ever was actually) !!

Of course I told them to bring her back, but even that they didn’t wanted! Quote: ‘it is not mistreatment to humanely put a dog down’ and ‘ it is only for her best’.

In our point of view, to kill an animal for no reason is a crime.
She was not dangerous (no, she wasn’t aggressive enough!) or terminally ill, she wasn’t even a barking nuisance or otherwise misbehaving, she just was an innocent dog and the people who once adopted her wanted to get rid of the responsibility of caring for her – after just 8 month!
She – and no other animal- doesn’t deserve that!!!

I managed to convince them that we can find a good home for her and we finally got her back.
Well, she is well fed and has no ticks or fleas, but our once happy, strong-minded puppy is timid and skittish, has a bad ear infection and beginning mange (- easy and inexpensive to treat!)…
She warmed up a lot again in the time she is with us now, is already friends with all dogs  and her ears start healing.





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