local mixed dog

we think she will grow into a 20+ kg dog


born: November 2014

with us since 14.01.2015


short description:

She is an absolute lovely and affectionate little girl, who will follow us everywhere and relish any company, human or canine. She can be a bit rowdy and try to protect her food from other dogs, but is just learning that here is enough for everybody..


Kayumbas story:

She showed up amongst the street dogs at the ‘Banana’ corner which we are trying to help together with the residents of that area. Where she came from….??
The guys from the car wash then also looked after her and I have to say it again: they are doing a really great job, all the dogs are friendly and they try their best to feed them and keep them healthy.
Keeping Kayumba save was difficult though. When she must have been only some weeks old she broke her left hint leg, it healed, but this leg is shorter than the other and she only uses is like a crutch and she will never be able to walk properly.
She has rachitis too, but with food supplements that can be treated in a couple of weeks.
However, when she dropped into a small stream it showed that she also can’t swim…
Luckily they heard her screaming and she was saved just in time!

After that, they asked us if we can take her and find her a good home, a save place to live and we will of course!

We are really impressed and touched by the commitment of these young men from the car wash – especially Daniel! – to help these dogs having a good life, would there only be more people like them!

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