terrier mix

smaller size (~15kg)


born: May 2014

she is at a foster home


short description:

friendly and beautiful Jolie has a lot of temperament due to her terrier genes. She can play all day long and is quite alert. Jolie is never aggressive with people, but as much as she loves and needs the company of other dogs she can get ‘over the top’ while playing – but than again, she is still very young.  Clever as she is, she would greatly benefit from and enjoy some training from her committed future owner!


Jolies story:

Jolie grew up with her mother, her siblings and her half-siblings. They have a kind of owner, but nobody is really looking after them, only a neighbor is bringing food, if she can. The owner doesn’t care if the dogs are there or not, so he agreed that we try to find them new homes.

It’s amazing how friendly and trusting that whole little family is!



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