Tamu – Adoption pending

Tamu – Adoption pending

Tamu is a very special dog!

Not so much because she lost one leg, but she is really especially lovely, loving and amazing Lady!

This is her story that we posted on Facebook when she came:

‘We called this mother dog Tamu=sweet, because there is no other name for this friendly and (still) trusting soul.

Her owner called us two weeks ago and said that she was ‘cut’, little did we know when we were going to look at her… She had 11 separate wounds inflicted by a panga (bush knife), her right front leg was literally hacked into pieces, badly infected, bones and the joint separated and the leg dangling from her like a piece of rubber.
She must have been in tremendous pain, but still she was the sweetest dog in the world and a super patience mum to her six 3 weeks old puppies.

The leg got amputated the very next day and we are happy to report that it all healed unbelievable fast and well!
By the way, her owner thinks that he know who did that to her, but he doesn’t want to report that person to the police. And because he is afraid that she might get hurt again or killed, he doesn’t want Tamu or her puppies back, so 7 more amazing dogs are looking for a loving home!’

Tamu is with us for a while now and is moving around extremely well on her three legs, although she can’t manage long walks of course. She really deserves a loving owner, who is happy to give her cuddles and affection and will get the sweetest and most loyal friend in return!