This cute little dog needs a foster (or even better: forever 🙂 ) Home!!!

Rusha was found 2 month ago by a young American volunteer, who decided to take her home to the States. Since she didn’t had a place to keep her until then, we stepped in and took her to the shelter for what we thought would be two weeks. One day before she was supposed to fly she got very sick and got a terrifying diagnose from the Docs at Merlino Vet Clinic: she had catched Distemper while living on the streets….

Well, they preformed another miracle and tough cookie Rusha pulled thru!

A week later we got her back. Weak and shaky at first and with nervous symptoms disturbing her movements, but slowly and steady she fought her way back into a normal puppies life!
So here she is today, happy, funny, loving, playful and full of energy! Nearly all her little ‘ticks’ disappeared, she is only a bit slow and her aiming, if she wants to jump in your arms could be better 🙂
She is the sweetest little thing (6 month, 8 kg) and everybody who met her, has fallen in love with her. She isn’t contagious anymore and enjoys every bit of attention so much, BUT: here at Mbwa Wa Africa we have to keep her away from the other dogs, because many of them aren’t fully vaccinated yet and we can’t take any chances. So she has to spend a lot of time by herself and we truly feel very very sorry for her!

Sadly, the American girl opted out of taking her after all and our best bet is to try to find compassionate people, which would be willing to foster her to get her out of her isolation.
Rusha is very friendly, no trouble at all and grown, fully vaccinated dogs to keep her company would be a bonus. But even just NOT being locked up in the kennel anymore, maybe a dada or askari around in daytime, would improve her life already so much!

Please, if you think you can help and foster her until we find her forever home – or you want to make her part of your family – get in touch!

After all she has been thru this wonderful girl deserves a happy ending!

Thank you!