Our Nona is very special to us!

She once lived at a apartment complex in Arusha town and even she didn’t had an owner one resident looked after her. When he noticed that he was badly injured and hardly could walk anymore, he asked us to help her.

It wasn’t easy to catch this terrified dog and when it turned out that her right hipbone was shattered to pieces we weren’t sure if we would be able to treat her properly. But dogs are amazing and Nona is a fine example of that!

She was smart enough to not move a lot, so slowly her bones healed. However, it took her 6 week to muster enough courage to leave her kennel and even longer to allow us a first careful touch.

But these days are long over! Today Nona is running around and playing with the other dogs, loves to go on walks and get cuddles from people she knows and trusts. You have to earn her trust though, she will bark at strangers and shy away from crowds, but once you won her over she is just a total charming sweetheart!

Nona is looking for a quite home with patience people who understand and don’t scare her. She enjoys the company of other dogs and is always submissive. It wold be just perfect, if she could move to her forever home together with her good friend, our beautiful Ginger, who has the same requirements!