Gordon, the lucky one!

The very same day we sadly had to put poor Glory out of her misery something placable happened just around the corner.

Our Friend Elkan, who also supports us in our efforts to promote Animal Welfare, saved a little dog from being run over when he saw him dragging himself over a busy road. Elkan asked around and learned that the pomeranian-cross had been hit by a motorbike weeks ago. He couldn’t walk anymore and the owner decided to leave him to die alone out on the street ….

Well he so far he didn’t, but he was surely struggling badly and was covered in ticks and lice, it was just in time that Elkan found him!

And at this point also a big thank you to Dr Chuma, who came to rescue and check on the little guy and took him home for the first night!

The next day Gordon, the newest member of our rescue pack moved in at Mbwa Wa Africa! Friendly, loving and full of life he stole everybody’s hearts on the spot and we can’t believe that his former owner just abandoned him when he needed him most… but so often that’s exactly how it is. In our believe all lives and beings are precious and it is one of our mission to teach awareness about responsibility, that also dogs should be valued and an injured dog needs help and isn’t only a burden – but obviously that is a long way.

However, Gordon is safe now! The x-ray showed a spinal cord injury and a shifted pelvis. He isn’t in pain, but his chances of ever walking again are next to zero. We will see. With one to two years he is still young and we started the rehab anyway. He is a wonderful dog, always happy and in a good mood and he sure wants to live! By now he and his new friend Fudge moved together with mama Whitney and her puppies. Being still almost a puppy himself he is having a great time Gordon will need a wheelchair to improve his mobility and quality of life – he will be our fourth dog on wheels!

We highly appreciate any help to care for our special cases so if you want to sponsor him please have a look at this link:


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