Describing Cesar in one saying?: He is on top of the world!


Here is what he has to say:

Hey there, I’m Cesar (of course!)

If you want me to adopt you we first have to talk about food. I like my food. Best I like chicken, other meat will do as well…or fish….And I like a nice warm place to sleep, you can even leave me alone there, I don’t mind, but make it cosy please!! And it would be awesome if I could live together with my friend Mia. I like all dogs, cats as well, but i really love Mia, she is so cute!

They say that I’m smart, yah well, I guess that’s true, but I have shown them only a fraction of what i can do so far. For sure I know my name, remember where I left my stuff and can open the door – peanuts!

And they call me very ‘ self confident’, couldn’t find out what that is yet, but they say it when I just walking around minding my own buisness and tell the other dogs of when needed. Ok, some of my friends here are 20 times bigger than I am, but that is only on the outside hey!

Gotta go now, if you want to meet me you know where I am and don’t forget a nice goody to bribe me, hehe!

Yours Cesar