Buddy – Adoption pending

Buddy – Adoption pending

Buddy has stunning looks and is most likely a Border Collie mix, who had a home at some point. We know however that he lived on the street for several month before he got rescued.

He was scared out of his mind when he arrived with us and proofed to be and escape artist – or a wizard if you wish so – because he could vanish from the shelter as he pleased without leaving us a hint where he got out…

Luckily he stopped that at some point and decided to stay with us, to love and trust us. Every since he is the most amazing dog you can imagine, smart, friendly, playful AND independent!

Our Buddy won’t need just any home, he is looking for people who know and respect his free spirit, who will work with him and train him and keep him occupied – after all he has some herding dog in him!

He gets on well with most other dogs and loves to play with our other residents here (and it would be great if he could find a home with one or two of them together!), but without supervision he tends to bite other animals like goats or sheep…

To sum it up: he is a fantastic dog who is looking for committed owners!