Ruppert found a loving home with many other dogs and cats in the Usambara Mountains! We frequently get new photos and up dates and couldn’t be happier for him!

During the last few month Ruppert survived hiding in the bush only coming out in the night on the lookout for food….

Luckily for him, that was near the home of Dominique and Tom Nash. Dominique, who catched a brief glimpse of him every now and then, made it her mission to help this scared and lonely creature and after 5 weeks! and a lot of effort she finally succeeded!
The two once adopted two of our rescued puppies – gorgeous Dante and Vasco- so Ruppert moved in at Mbwa Wa Africa.

He is doing well and is already neutered, but suffered a leg injury which will need some attention and he is very scared of people, especially men – he will know why! Anyway, he is never aggressive to anybody, just very, very cautions…

But he is slowly getting better, he already loves to get attention from us, to play and run and to be with the other dogs, although after his solitary life he can get quite rough with them.

However, if you earned his trust he is a lovely and smart dog, he already knows commands and listens very well.

So even if he is almost looking like an Alsatian, he is not a watchdog at all, he will need a home with space to run and a loving, patience owner, who won’t push him to be a guard dog rather than a friend!


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